Domain companies to be grateful for : DomainTools

As we’re heading into the final days of 2015, it’s time to reflect onto the domain industry companies that helped make this a superb and prosperous year in domain investing.

After our coverage of, it’s time to extend our thanks to an indispensable research tool: DomainTools.


The majority of domain investors point their browser to, every time they want to retrieve information related to the WHOIS of a domain.

Whether that domain is registered or available, DomainTools has been synonymous with information about domain ownership, for more than a decade.

The historic WHOIS option, available through subscription plans, offers extensive snaps of WHOIS information on an easy to browse timeline. This type of information often helps determine the chain of ownership of domains after they get stolen, and assists with their retrieval.

This year, DomainTools added Iris, a professional data visualization tool that is used to track, trace and define the activity of cybercriminals as they hop from one domain and one IP address to the next.

Over the years, DomainTools has become a destination for domain investors wishing to negotiate with domain owners; as part of the DomainTools affiliation with domain selling or auctioning venues, looking up a domain name can lead to a sale through the related links that appear prominently on top of the WHOIS information.

These are just a few of the reasons that we consider DomainTools one of the domain industry companies to be thankful for, in 2015 and beyond.


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