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PIR Facebook ad: Do people really trust dot .ORG domains?

A new online campaign by PIR – the domain Registry behind the dot .ORG domain extension – appears to be focusing on “trust“. Stating, “With .org domains, organizations instill trust and credibility – sometimes even inspiration“,Β  the Facebook campaign presents a photo of mountain climbers that are apparently “inspired” to climb the highest peaks. Great […]

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The ICM registry launches XXXmas web site

The ICM Registry launched a new .XXX domain campaign today, wishing its numerous domain registrants a “Merry .XXXmas“. The new campaign web site, XXXmas.org (pronounced: XXXmas OhArGee) attempts to stimulate skeptic domainers and rewards them with eye candy that is mildly unsafe for work. Merry XXXmas! πŸ˜€

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