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.XYZ domains : When you sell domains at $0.01 you become a spam enabler

The .XYZ Registry might be issuing disclaimers regarding malware and spam – to be reported and taken care of – but such an approach is not very kosher. Imagine a world where the default is to be spammed first, and be removed from the spam list only after you complained about it. Like the Greek […]

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XYZ Registry suspended serial spammer’s domain names

Our article yesterday about a serial spammer using dozens of XYZ domains, coincided with action by the XYZ Registry to shut them down. Despite the considerable amount of spam dispatched by the spammer, the XYZ Registry maintains an abuse mitigation system for such cases. Shayan Rostam, Global Director of Registry Operations for the XYZ Registry […]

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Barrage of spam coming from free/cheap .XYZ domains

Give something for free or at a hugely discounted price, and the abuse will commence. An increasing amount of spam comes from a group of phucksticks that use cheap or free dot .XYZ domains. These domains are used to pump out spam emails about fat burners, discount tickets, time shares and other unwanted crap – […]

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