Oreos! Greek registrant wins domain at auction

Oreos! Like a Greek statue.

Oreos! Like a Greek statue.

A few days ago we indicated the roots of the word “Oreos” to be a phonetic representation of the Greek word for “handsome” or “beautiful“, ΩΡΑΙΟΣ.

The domain was auctioned off yesterday, and the winner paid $1,650 to acquire the domain, which – depending on use – might have some issues with the famous “Oreo” trademark.

Regardless, it’s interesting that a Greek registrant is now in possession of the domain name,

John Petallides, of New York City, appears to be a businessman with the AmFax Corporation, and a background in Communications.

Most likely, Mr. Petallides recognized the domain’s potential as a representation of classic Greek beauty since antiquity. 😀

Then again, we might be wrong.

It remains to be seen whether the domain will be built, parked, or even re-sold to another entity in the future.

Let’s hope, it won’t end up being part of a costly UDRP battle.

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  1. Oreos o magkas. lol
    Now he needs to buy too! 🙂

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