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Sahar Sarid : Deep diving for domain pearls


Don’t let Sahar Sarid‘s calm demeanor and smiling face fool you; there is an underlying energy and constructive furor behind the surface.

The domain entrepreneur from Israel is working on several smoking hot projects, and we’re not referring to the successful eJuice vape portal but to bigger, deeper ventures.

These days, Sarid dives deep into the ocean waters, seeking entrepreneurial pearls.

“I don’t use any scuba equipment, just a mask to be able to see around, but other than that it’s just me and Mother Sea, embracing my body and soul like an ancient birth-giver,” says Sahar Sarid, visibly euphoric.

“Once I dive into the water, I go down to the bottom of the ocean, holding my breath for almost 4 minutes. This experience is unlike anything else, you should try it!” exclaims Sarid, smiling.

Sahar Sarid, 2 minutes and 45 seconds into his dive.

Sahar Sarid, 2 minutes and 45 seconds into his dive.

By diving into the deep ocean waters on a single breath, Sahar Sarid approaches liquid nirvana, suspended in a state of primordial awareness that resembles the rare lucidity of experiencing one’s own birth.

“During those 4 minutes of my breathless dive, I am able to project exclusive domain ventures, to discover amazing domain gems laying untouched and forgotten, and to define domain acquisition strategies that can’t happen when inhaling oxygen,” says Sarid.

One of Sarid’s future plans involve the creation of a domainer diving academy based in the Caymans; Frank Schilling, who owns several dolphins, will provide Sarid with expert advice and a base to launch his venture from.

Looking forward to hearing about Sahar’s new ventures from the Deep, pretty soon!

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