BODIS From parked domain to Russian propaganda portal


For several years, the domain name remained parked; after changing hands a few times, it ended up in the possession of a Ukrainian, Roman Korneev.

Korneev set up a web site aggregating news, such as the ones displayed on his other news portal,

Most likely of Russian background like many Ukrainians, Korneev owns or owned such domains as,, and

Sputnik, the famously known first satellite, launched by the Soviet Union on the 4th of October 1957, made his domain quite appealing to the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti.

Rebranding as, the agency is taking a big leap forward into the delivery of global news from the Russian perspective. Sputnik News is the type of news propaganda that aims at presenting a different version of Russia to the world, than what is portrayed by other media.

Most likely, was sold for a small chunk of Russian rubles, around July of this year. The new owners announced the rebranding today, and a new era in global news coverage has begun.

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2 Responses to “ From parked domain to Russian propaganda portal”
  1. Yes they are really going to make it big when I search in google for the name sputnik it shows 1,54,00,000 results

  2. Kassey says:

    Great story! Thanks. Note they rebranded using a .com name. .com=global.

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