You Asked For It .com : Second UDRP after 17 years by the same Complainant

The domain “You asked for it” .com became the subject of a second UDRP in 17 years, despite Complainant and Respondent being the same as in the 2000 filing. The original UDRP for was one of the earliest cases decided at the National Arbitration Forum, and at the time, the domain was ordered to […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Fanciful marks have an advantage in the UDRP process

Fanciful marks, as in the case of, have an advantage when such domains get involved in the UDRP process. Domain names that utilize a non-generic mark, often referred to as “brandable” among domain investors, can be defended directly by the trademark holder. was registered in 2000 by Andrew Clements, writer of a children’s […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Two UDRP filings and a dog web page later, Complainant gets domain

It took two UDRP filings against two separate Respondents for the domain to be given to a trademark holder. Registered in 1999, displayed cycling-related content until at least 2014. In 2015, the first UDRP filing resulted in a refusal of the domain’s transfer, and it remained with its registrant at the time. Since […]

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Guess Factory : Dot “domain” lost in UDRP

CentralNic has been promoting domains as viable alternatives to .com for many years now; the reasons that they give are as follows: Availability – Get the names you really want! Over 98% of names still available (compared to .com) Reliability – Track record of 100% availability over the past fifteen years Worldwide Recognition – […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. & The Reagan Foundation : Political domain lost via the UDRP process

The domain, used as a conservative political outlet with a matching blog and radio show, was lost via the UDRP process. Complainant is The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, which stated it has rights to the RONALD REAGAN and REAGAN marks: “Complainant is a foundation created to continue the legacy and principles of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP a reminder about subdomain typo-traffic

A UDRP against the domain was filed at the WIPO; the Complainant is SAP SE of Walldorf, Germany. The Respondent, is a domain investor. According to the complaint: “The Complainant provides trademark registrations, and submits that the SAP trademark is well-known. The Complainant argues that the Domain Name is confusingly similar to the Complainant’s […]

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AltaMotors .com : UDRP was denied, despite no response by its Registrant

The UDRP against the domain was denied at the National Arbitration Forum. The case was filed by Faster Faster, Inc. DBA Alta Motors against Jeongho Yoon c/o AltaMart of South Korea. In its statement, the Complainant alleged the Respondent has no rights to the domain, that the Complainant owns over 200 “Alta” domains and […]

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U Princess : Money, offshore corporations and jealousy end in UDRP over .com

Two former partners in Ukraine that formed a joint venture called U Princess feuded over the matching .com domain, The project involved the creation of a VIP beach resort card, allowing beautiful female clients to enjoy the sun, along with other spa-related services and activities. The case is interesting to peruse, as it involves […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Chinese respondent beats British trademark holder in UDRP

A UDRP against the domain involved a British Complainant and a Chinese Respondent. The domain was registered in 2000, many moons before a British company, Admixer limited, acquired a trademark for ADMIXER. In 2014, the Complainant asserts to have acquired a Ukrainian company, thus inheriting its trademark that was first used in 2007. […]

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Facebook busts 101 .TOP domains in massive UDRP

Facebook filed a UDRP against the Polish owner of 101 .TOP domains, for obvious trademark violations, involving the “Facebook” and “Instagram” marks it owns. The massive UDRP was decided at the WIPO, and despite the Respondent’s unofficial response wishing to cancel these domains, the case proceeded. Here is the list of the .TOP domains involved […]

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World Future Society .com : 13 year old domain saved from UDRP, despite active trademark

A UDRP that was filed against the domain attempted to wrestle the 13 year old domain away from its owner. The Complainant is World Future Society of Chicago, Illinois, and the Respondent is S.F.P. Koopmans, BCG eBrpojects B.V. of Bemmel, the Netherlands. According to the UDRP, the Complainant sought to get this domain on […]

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No Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding in UDRP

The owners of the domain were hit with a UDRP. The Complainant is Liberty Utilities (America) Co. of Oakville, Canada, that claimed rights in the LIBERTY and LIBERTY ENERGY & Design marks since 2011. The Respondent and domain owner, is an investor in Liberty Energy Trust GP, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company focused […]

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