#LLLL : Four letter .com #domains are still being stolen

The four letter domain marketplace might have gone south, but domain theft involving such assets still persists.

A new incident involving domains registered with Namesilo has been shared at NamePros:

Yesterday, I was checking domain list in my namesilo account. Found that my 4L.com’s were missing.

Immediately I’ve sent mail to namesilo and got a reply like the domains got transferred to another account.

And when I checked IP login info in the domain transaction history, for these 3 alone the access is from the UK. I shared this info with the namesilo customer support and waiting for their reply.

I’m sure the domains were stolen from my account, but not sure how did it happen.

This type of domain crime was rampant during the better days of the “Chinese premium” letter .com market; prices reached $3,000 dollars almost, for random “QJXZ” letters.

Namesilo responded to that exchange, noting that they froze the transfer out:

The domains are still with us so we have blocked the ability to transfer out while we investigate.

The introduction of GDPR has complicated the identification, research and handling of domain crime, since its introduction in May.

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