No longer stolen : Domains and back with legitimate owners

The premium numeric domain is no longer stolen, as it has been returned to its legitimate owner, Mr. Luo.

In June, we reported on the theft of that was facilitated using a number of persistent methods targeting the owner of this premium domain.

At the time, the thief, made the mistake to announce at NamePros that he had trouble getting control of the domain, which he had supposedly acquired for $1,000,000 dollars.

That, however, was not the case; the thief was fishing for information on how to undo a registrar lock.

Through the course of this ordeal, the thief claimed he wired $1,050,000 dollars to a Chinese bank, thus delaying the process of the registrar returning the domain.

Meanwhile, the formerly stolen domain is also back in the possession of its owner, Mr. Zhangliang Xu.

The domain was stolen by the same thief, an Algerian living in Dubai, who has been involved with the domain theft of premium domains for years.

Many thanks to DomainTools for providing the indispensable ability to research historic WHOIS records, thus assisting with the recovery of stolen domain names.

The owner of wishes to extend their gratitude to attorney John Berryhill, for assisting with the domain’s return.

Below is a screenshot of the thief’s GoDaddy account at the time they had (obscured by red ink) in their possession; also,, another currently stolen domain asset. They attempted to sell these domains on various online venues, and via private messages to domain brokers.

The thief’s GoDaddy account with obscured by red; is another stolen domain in his possession.

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