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No longer stolen : Domains 988.com and 864.com back with legitimate owners

The premium numeric domain 988.com is no longer stolen, as it has been returned to its legitimate owner, Mr. Luo. In June, we reported on the theft of 988.com that was facilitated using a number of persistent methods targeting the owner of this premium domain. At the time, the thief, made the mistake to announce […]

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Domain crime : 988.com is a stolen domain name!

The premium domain 988.com has been confirmed to be stolen; anyone claiming to be in possession of it currently is the thief. How did this happen? The domain’s legitimate owner, Mr. Luo, is a California resident and for months he’s been pestered by a cybercriminal who gained access to his domain accounts. In a shocking […]

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Black rice domains : Did 988.com just sell for $1,000,000 dollars?

A distraught domain buyer claiming that they lost $1,000,000 dollars to a seller that reversed the escrow-less transaction, now claims the exchange went through. User “Dong Yuan” asserted on NamePros that they acquired a domain for $1,000,000 dollars but it was subsequently locked down after a TDRP complaint was filed. Seeking advice for a million […]

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