Name Jargon: Cybersquatter

Most domainers believe that terminology related to domain names is well-defined, when in fact it’s completely inaccurate and incomplete.

Major dictionaries and encyclopaedias only scratch the surface of domaining, and domain names.

This has to change!

Domain Name Jargon is the solution when it comes down to (re)define domaining. 😀

Cybersquatter: (noun) Derogatory reference to an honest, hard-working, imaginative and well-rounded domain investor and entrepreneur, who registers domain names for profit.

The term “cybersquatter” was coined by corporations that employ a marketing department and product management with the IQ of a starfish.

Often joined by an IT department devoted to playing Linux ports of World of Warcraft, these companies failed to register their own .com domains for at least a decade. Upon realizing their mistake, they call “cybersquatters” those who seized the opportunity, as dictated by the law of “first come, first served.”

When pressured by imbecile upper management executives, the mere mention of cybersquatting by inexperienced law firms leads to a UDRP, and quite often a finding of reverse domain name hijacking.

Example: “Absolutely, Mr. Johnson. There will be no problem wrestling away from the clasp of the cybersquatters that hold it hostage since 1992.”


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