A Mann with a #domain business plan

Mike Mann at TRAFFIC 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Mike Mann is a serial entrepreneur with millions of dollars worth of sales and acquisitions.

The hyperactive domainer often shares his latest domain sales, and most arrive with a dollar tag.

In a recent post, Mike Mann shared some of his latest sales – all achieved in one day:

  • ReliableTranslations.com
  • ReadyHomebuyers.com
  • Kalypsys.com
  • Benimgibi.com
  • PrudentialEnergy.com
  • AcesPokerroom.com
  • ChoiceLight.com

Mike posted some numbers related to this sale of domains, with a data analysis:

Domains sold so far today 8
Average sales price $6,218.88
Total sales $49,751
Average purchase price $21.79
Total purchase price $174.28

Mike Mann’s business plan for 2019 has been shared recently as well. In it, Mike explains the focus of his business and his approach to generating wealth:

  • Offering complete complementary “service suites”, special offers and calls to action (CTAs), whose benefits and details will be described in tailored presentations for prospects, partners, and investors; along with comprehensive, up to date, thorough web sites and apps.
  • Developing and selling each service independently while adding new strategically fitting services regularly, and then upselling customers on each of the others based on needs assessments over time. Marketing each service strategically via vertical markets, geographically targeted markets, online markets, and partnership markets all in parallel, whereas sequentially the competition would roll us with faster innovation and execution.
  • Focus on 1. a greater volume of leads each day for every service and method, with a responsible leader for each (no orphans), and 2. a higher closing percentage each day at the same time; and at the same time 3. a lower cost of customer acquisition, and 4. a higher lifetime value; also measuring 5. revenue growth in each, and 6. growth in search engine keyword rankings for each service’s web page; using highly tuned presentations, leveraging sales and marketing best practices.

Read Mike Mann’s complete business plan for 2019!

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