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Chinese domain sales : Will credit binge lead to more domain sales?

chinese-domain-marketChina’s economy is an unpredictable dragon, that often behaves more like a drunk monkey.

As we’re in the Year of the Fire Monkey, this might not be a coincidence; China’s latest data shows a staggering credit binge of over $520 billion dollars in total financing for January.

That’sĀ  the largest single month of new credit on record; it surpasses the credit binge of 2009 that led to a lending market crash.

About domain names: so far there is not much to write home about, and the volume has been stagnant for a while.

It seems that Chinese domain investors, whether optimistic or not, are still keeping their money close.

We are witnessing a slow down that will most likely create a psychological effect, as more investors perceive the lack of sales as a loss of trust in unproven domain investments.

Today’s short domain sales list is not spectacular either; some data is extracted from BenMi.com, the Chinese domain sales tracker.


It’s evident that the focus has shifted to two letter and three letter domains, with “Chips” making their disappearance from sales charts within China.

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