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CRZ.com is *NOT* for sale!

CRZ.com - NOT for sale.

CRZ.com – NOT for sale, but buyers persist.

The owner of the three letter domain CRZ.com has been using it for the past 16 years.

Christopher Robin Zimmerman, an all around nice guy, registered the domain in 1999 as a shorthand version of his name; it’s his initials, after all. He also registered the dot .net around the same time.

Back in the day, such letter combinations were at the very bottom of the demand list, but the current explosion in the value of LLL .com domains and short domains in general, has generated a lot of interest in CRZ.com.

So much, in fact, that Chris had to create a Tumblr account to display the type of spam inquiries he receives almost daily. 😀

People want to buy CRZ.com and while some are up front about it, others try to be sneaky. There is a ton of Chinese emails, as well as emails from spammers and domain brokers alike.

Chris reiterates the obvious:

CRZ.com is NOT for sale!

You can see for yourself by visiting crzdotcomisnotforsale.tumblr.com. 😀

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2 Responses to “CRZ.com is *NOT* for sale!”
  1. fizz says:

    Wondering if Chris has ever considered writing in the domain whois: CRZ.com is not for sale

  2. DomainGang says:

    fizz – Great idea, but considering how the majority of spammers don’t care, it’d be more fun to keep on reporting the inquiries instead.

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