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#Domain politics : #NameFind is ready to press the MuteButton.com!

The final presidential election will be featuring a “mute button” that’ll keep Donald Trump and Joe Biden in check – at least, during the opening statements.

Politics have overtaken the domain name sphere as usual. The US president’s choleric attitude during the first presidential election is the reason that the mute button is being introduced.

NameFind, the domain repository arm of GoDaddy, owns the matching .com domain, MuteButton.com. Registered in 2001, the domain can be acquired for $7,999 dollars on Afternic, and either one campaign can buy it and use it for its political purposes.

And now for another fun fact:

MuteButton.com was part of the Worldwide Media Inc. portfolio of domains; domain investor Mike Berkens sold approximately 70,000 domains for a reported $35.5 million dollars in 2015 – including 106 LLL .com domains.

Will NameFind close a sale before November 3rd? 😀

MuteButton.com – Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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