#Domain sightings: #Akua event design in Puerto Rico

Domain sightings are random encounters with domains in the “real world.” Found on street signs, vehicles, or products, these “domains in the wild” are non-digital, tangible demonstrations of intangible assets.

We classify them in two categories, dot .com domain sightings, and all the rest.

During a great holiday time in Puerto Rico for the Three Kings Day, we had a blast – and not just due to the intense earthquakes in the south part of the island.

Here’s an encounter with Akua and its domain name in Condado, Puerto Rico.

The local event design company is using the domain AkuaPR.com, registered in 2008. They don’t use the local dot .PR ccTLD, a practice followed by many other local companies that face the insanely high cost of .PR domains. The solution? Add the “PR” suffix to the brand.

If you’re looking for event planning and design in Puerto Rico, give Akua a buzz.

AkuaPR.com in Puerto Rico

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