Domainer Profiles: Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling sporting Chef Patrick's beard

Is it Friday yet? 🙂

It is – and what a better time to feature the legendary uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, in our “Domainer Profiles” column!

The legendary Canadian with the ever-changing hair styles was born in Germany, but currently resides right next to the warm waters of the Caymans.

After missing the head-start of the 90’s with regards to domain name investing, Frankie more than made up for it in the early 2000’s, when he strategically invested in thousands of quality domains, going after single and two-word generics.

Frank Schilling has always been the ‘quiet force’ in domaining; whereas Rick Schwartz crowned himself king, Frank seems content with being the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in domaining. 😀

Sir Frank Schillington

Second only to Elequa of Future Media Architects with regards to refusing to sell domains, Frank Schilling eventually scored large sales and established Domain Name Sales as a real-time domain stock exchange center, showcasing domain inquiries and their values. recently dipped below 10,000 in Alexa, an incredible feat for the niche market of domaining.

While Frankie invests mostly in .com and .net domains, he also invested $1.7 million dollars in a portfolio of .XXX domains prior to the ICM Registry launching the adult TLD. Frank does not consider himself an adult operator, but he stated that his investment will produce a 10-fold return eventually.

What makes Frank Schilling so special?

Farnk Schilling could become the first Domainer Cosmonaut!

It’s his ability to maintain a down to earth profile and his proven eagerness to assist with the domain industry’s ensuing problems. He is a much sought-after spokesperson and every domain conference is seeking his live advice in order for the participants to interact with one of the most solid personalities in domaining.

Frank’s known for owning a large number of food-related domain names, thus becoming a domain epicurean. 😀

So what would we like to see from Frank Schilling in the future? Here are some key points that Frank would most definitely address with his usual sense of Canadian humor:

  • An updated picture for his blog. If he stays longer in the water wearing cargo pants, he might catch a cold.
  • His own brand of rum cakes, called The Schillings.
  • His own airline that would connect domainers around the world, flying us to remote conferences.
  • A domainer’s trip to the moon and beyond!

Jokes aside, Frank Schilling is an indispensable authority in the domain industry and carries with him the knowledge and essence that many tech industry professionals strive to acquire these days.

Have a great Friday, Frank! 😀

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