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Domainer Profiles: Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV

Welcome back to Domainer Profiles. In our open series, we have shed light on the lives of exceptional domainers, such as Elliot Silver, Frank Schilling and Tia Wood. This is the true story of Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV. Some parts, or more, have been altered to protect the innocent. Due to the nature of supernatural […]

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Domainer Profiles: Frank Schilling

Is it Friday yet? 🙂 It is – and what a better time to feature the legendary uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, in our “Domainer Profiles” column! The legendary Canadian with the ever-changing hair styles was born in Germany, but currently resides right next to the warm waters of the Caymans. After missing the head-start of the […]

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