Elliot Silver: Goodbye, New Yawk – Hello, Bawston!

Popular domain investor and busy father extraordinaire, Elliot Silver, loaded his “Top Notch Domains” van earlier today and headed out of the Big Apple.

“Leaving New York behind, after 10 years of soaking in the big city culture, that’s a bit of a shock really,” said Elliot, while loading up the final boxes to the moving van.

“I met wonderful people here, had some great pastrami sandwiches, and picked up my dog’s poop at various locations in Central Park. Clearly, wonderful memories that I will always cherish!” added Elliot.


Elliot Silver moves to Boston.

Elliot Silver is moving to Boston, in order to soak in the New England culture; with a back yard and a climate milder than that of New York, Elliot plans to take advantage of this new-found freedom.

“Ah, BBQ parties, looking forward to starting up my grill – which I am expecting I’ll get before Thanksgiving – and barbequing some shrimp and lobstah, burgers and the like. This is the life I always wanted”, added Elliot, while wiping perspiration off his forehead with a cloth.

The grand move from New York to Boston means that Elliot will now have to form his Top Notch Domains LLC again, in the state of Massachusetts. He will also be picking up the infamous Bawston accent, in order to mingle with the local domainers.

All the best to Elliot, his wife, baby daughter and dog – for a happy life in Bawston! 😀



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