ESQwire: Law firm assists with the return of 3 valuable numeric .com domains

It’s good news for the owner of three formerly stolen numeric domains:, and

ESQwire, the domainer-friendly law firm of attorneys Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer, along with Greenberg & Lieberman, filed a lawsuit in November, to recover the domains on behalf of their owner.

In late December, the Virginia court decided to order the return of the domains, that had been transferred unlawfully to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename.

This is great news for the owners of other stolen domains, that have been removed from their accounts and peddled on various market places organized outside of the US.

The domains were removed from eNom accounts in an unspecified manner; eNom referred to the transfers as “lawful” at the time that the incident was discovered. All three domains are now back at eNom.

To recap:, and are no longer stolen.



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  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Seems the registrars refuse to admit to anything …… included

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