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ESQwire: Law firm assists with the return of 3 valuable numeric .com domains

It’s good news for the owner of three formerly stolen numeric domains: 224.com, 452.com and 605.com. ESQwire, the domainer-friendly law firm of attorneys Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer, along with Greenberg & Lieberman, filed a lawsuit in November, to recover the domains on behalf of their owner. In late December, the Virginia court decided to […]

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ALERT: The domains 224.com, 452.com and 605.com are currently stolen

Domain theft has been a hot topic this year; an increased appetite by Chinese domain investors has led to numerous incidents of stolen domains. Many of these domains end up at Chinese domain registrar and selling venue, Ename. Ename.com has generally been uncooperative in blatant cases of domain theft, and despite efforts of losing registrars […]

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