Frank Schilling strikes back: A tale of Twin Cities dot net

Energized after a long weekend snorkeling in the Caymans, uber-domainer Frank Schilling returned to the auction arena.

This time around, Frank – famous for owning the .com of every dish known to man – scored against the notorious “Namejet Reserve“, which he tore to pieces.

“I could not let NameJet Reserve win again, no sir”, said a triumphant Frank Schilling, chilling at his 450 sq.ft. veranda in the Caymans.

“I showed NameJet Reserve who’s the boss and got my trophy domain without much sweating. Just don’t challenge me, I turn into a fighting beast”.

Frank won at Namejet, scoring this amazing geoDomain for only $1,800 – a complete and utter steal. NameJet Reserve bid up to $1,649.

As many mid-westerners know, Twin Cities is the pet name of beautiful Minneapolis – St. Paul in Minnesota. The .com is developed, so apparently Frank Schilling invested in it with reselling in mind.

Congratulations to Frank for this amazing catch!

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