Free.Coffee from Donuts Inc.

Free.Coffee from Donuts Inc. - Colombian blend.

Free.Coffee from Donuts Inc. – Colombian blend.

As the upcoming wake of new gTLDs is about to sweep hard the .com shores, Donuts Inc. is entering the global branding arena with a salvo of aggressive marketing.

“Gone are the days that we would sit twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the next wave in technological revolution,” said Paul Stahura of Donuts Inc.

“The gTLD tsunami is about to erase from the map any and all other TLDs, including the almighty .com, so get used to that!” exclaimed the Donuts Inc. founder.

To further demonstrate the branding power of the upcoming gTLDs, Donuts Inc. is launching Free.Coffee, a domain technology initiative aimed at coffee aficionados around the globe, who actively register domain names.

“Juan Diego Calle had this idea about further establishing Colombian coffee as the primary export of Colombia after .CO, and we are 100% behind him,” said Paul Stahura.

“Our Free.Coffee and Donuts will kick-start the days of every man and woman in domaining, creative marketing, design, sales and customer support, in a way that .com cannot!” exclaimed Stahura, drinking Colombian coffee from a Donuts Inc. mug.

Meanwhile, Frank Schilling is expected to pitch Uniregistry and its commitment to gTLDs at TRAFFIC 2013 in Ft. Lauderdale, in an event that is expected to raise the blood pressure of many old school domainers.

To this day, many domainers hope that ICANN and its grand plans for a root expansion would shut down – along with the US government.


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