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GoDaddy buys data center in the Cayman Islands


GoDaddy is gearing up for a future face-off with Google; the numero uno domain registrar in the world wants to ensure it remains at the top of the list.

The recent acquisition of a high tech data center in the Cayman Islands is a significant indication that GoDaddy plans to move a large part of its operations from Arizona offshore.

Located in George Town, the new GoDaddy data center once hosted the headquarters of Schilling Aviation, an airline outfit of Frank Schilling’s enterprises.

“We are excited about the move, it will help boost morale before the upcoming IPO,” said GoDaddy VP of Social Media, Claire McGrill.

“The shipment of hundreds of containers with GoDaddy’s equipment will commence in August, so that we’ll enjoy the cooler Cayman weather in September, can’t wait to go on the beach!” exclaimed McGrill.

By moving its call center operations and several other services to the Cayman Islands, GoDaddy will benefit from no taxation, proximity to the US and will be able to offer quality perks to its hundreds of employees, who currently get no surfing breaks or their choice of organic salads.

The Cayman Islands, where Uniregistry is also based at, offer some of the highest quality of living in the world.

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One Response to “GoDaddy buys data center in the Cayman Islands”
  1. Fred says:

    They don’t pay any taxes…….they haven’t made a profit in 5 years and even then it was a measly 15 million or so.

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