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GoDaddy: Latest auction changes unrelated to Rick Schwartz’s tweets

Paul Nicks / GoDaddy.

GoDaddy implemented a series of changes to its domain auctions, a day after a series of tweets by Rick Schwartz rocked the domain industry’s foundation.

Effective December 4th, GoDaddy will treat domain auctions as irreversible; their registrants will no longer be able to game the system to get free appraisals, and then renew the domains once the auction ends.

Paul Nicks, GM & VP, of Aftermarket at GoDaddy, called the timing coincidental, ending speculations that Rick Schwartz’s tweets had anything to do with the changes.

“The timing of this is coincidental. We have been carefully planning this for over a year, and this is not actually driven by the Aftermarket”

That statement, might lead Rick Schwartz to keep his current plans with two domains he registered at the time of his tweets: GoDaddyBlows.com and GoBaddly.com.

The first domain, forwarded to the BBB page for GoDaddy initially, but currently displays no content; the domain registrar’s rating is a stellar A+ despite a large number of complaints.

Paul Nicks also stated that domain names will be transferred immediately after the end of an auction, as opposed to several days later, which is great news for active bidders.

There will be no introduction of a bidder alias system, at this time, however.

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