GoDaddy to release domains instantly; industry in complete shock!

GoDaddy, the biggest domain registrar in the world, is making waves after new policies take effect this Friday.

Beginning at 12 noon today, all domain name transfer requests to another registrar will be approved “instantly.” As long as the provided authorization code is valid and the domain is unlocked, transfer requests will go through in mere minutes.

The company cited numerous public reports on laggard responsiveness as its pivoting point.

“Taking 5-7 days to release domains that their legitimate registrants wished to transfer to another registrar was unacceptable to us,” said Hugh ‘Joe’ Dawdy, Transfers & Pushes manager at GoDaddy.

“I fully understand the ire of domainers who simply want to move their domains somewhere else and have to jump through hoops or manual confirmations of their premium assets. From now on, things should be much better, as we value our customers, even the ones that may leave us temporarily. Guys, you’ll come back!” exclaimed Hugh ‘Joe’ Dawdy.

Until recently, domain names that were valued at $5,000 dollars or more by the internal domain valuation tool at GoDaddy, would be flagged for “manual review” when a transfer out was requested.

Account managers often contacted the registrant via phone and email seeking an explicit confirmation of their actions. Even after confirming the validity of transfers, these domains would remain at GoDaddy for the full 5-7 days of their transfer period, instead of being transferred away in minutes.

We welcome the new GoDaddy policy and hopefully it will be enforced company-wide as early as this weekend; we have another 250 domains to move out of GoDaddy.

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4 Responses to “GoDaddy to release domains instantly; industry in complete shock!”
  1. Name says:

    Thank you for another GoMaddy ad.
    Uniregistry and Dan killer.
    Overpriser, underpayer.
    25% brokerage.
    Keep going, we’ll see where they will take your blog in the near future.

  2. Josh says:

    All satire aside: if Godaddy isn’t delaying the transfer of your domain with the “manual review”, your name sucks.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Josh – You do realize the GoDaddy pricing tool is far from accurate, right? But yes, satire aside, they often ignore the acknowledge replies sent to the manual review email.

  4. tony barone says:

    ok…how about their 60 day hold policy? after renewal/ burp/ fart in the registrant field?
    how about sniping peoples searches and checkout basket?

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