Should Google or Amazon rule the dot .Music gTLD ?

Constantine Roussos

Constantine Roussos

The battle for the control of the premium money-maker of a gTLD, dot .Music rages on, with Google and Amazon being two of the applicants.

Constantine Roussos, CEO of is another dot .Music applicant, pushing for the characterization of the gTLD as a community application.

Roussos has been fighting the giants like David against Goliath, to ensure musicians come first.

Said Roussos:

“The music community majority pushes to control .MUSIC domain, and supports DotMusic.”

A related article on The Hill, titled “Music lobby pushes for control of Web domain“, outlines the following news about the dot .Music battle:

“An independent music lobbying group is pushing to have the music community, not tech companies such as Google and Amazon, take control of the new Internet domain ending .music.  ADVERTISEMENT  In a letter on Wednesday, the American Association of Independent Music — which works with independent record labels and music platforms — said the music industry should decide who gets to run websites that end in .music, instead of the traditional .com.

“The benefits of the music community running [.music] include maximizing the protection of intellectual property and incorporating appropriate enhanced safeguards to prevent copyright infringement, cybersquatting and any other type of malicious abuse.

In its letter, the independent music group asked ICANN to keep .music out of the hands of Amazon and Google, both of which have applied to run the domain.  “Both of these companies have exhibited a disregard for properly compensating music creators based upon music usage and for not protecting copyrights,” the independent music group said.

It is clear that the large corporations won’t stop their motion based on any type of scruples; it is up to ICANN to step in and enforce the rules of fair play.

For the full article by The Hill, click here.


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