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#HugeDomains redefines the #kilogram in “Planck constant” #domain!

HugeDomains maintains more than 4.4 million domain names in its inventory; the company was among several being chastised in a Verisign post for alleged “domain scalping” and warehousing of domains.

These bizarre claims were rebuked by ICA council, Zak Muscovitch.

Meanwhile, the kilogram unit is about to be redefined. The scientists in Paris, France have come to the agreement to ditch the old measurement unit, kept safe in vacuum, and define the kilo unit using the very stable Planck constant.

What exactly is the Planck constant, one might ask.

According to its namesake discoverer, Max Planck, the Planck constant is “the proportionality constant between the minimal increment of energy, E, of a hypothetical electrically charged oscillator in a cavity that contained black body radiation, and the frequency, f, of its associated electromagnetic wave. “

Whatever that means. 😀

And now for the important part: HugeDomains owns PlanckConstant.com, a domain registered in 2015. HugeDomains wants just $1,995 dollars for it!

Better strike now before they raise the price!

HugeDomains owns PlanckConstant.com – a domain related to the new measurement of the kilogram.

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3 Responses to “#HugeDomains redefines the #kilogram in “Planck constant” #domain!”
  1. Tony says:

    Too Bad it’s really known as Planck’s constant. But they also own Plancklength.com which is applicable in string theory. Not sure who would buy those. Hardcore physicists don’t have a need for domains.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Tony – Wikipedia’s main entry is for “Planck constant” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_constant

    That being said, physicists aren’t the only ones that buy domains related to physics.

  3. Tony says:

    I was being facetious with the physicists. HugeDomains owns plancksconstant.com also so damn.

    Now is an exciting time in physics. In 1935, Einstein and his collaborators published two separate papers. One on wormholes (Einstein-Rosen bridge) and the other on Entanglement (Einstein-Podolski-Rosen). Einstein was always looking for ways to prove Quantum Mechanics wrong and was one of the first to think about entanglement which he thought required some sort of hidden variable theory that was more fundamental to QM. QM has stood the test of time but in the past few years those two papers have been found to be related to each other. The relationship actually is much stronger than that and it seems that wormholes are the result of entanglement. This seems to be a very promising lead toward combining Einstein’s General Relativity and QM, a quantum gravity theory.

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