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Domains: 10 reasons why Domain Investing is just like World Cup soccer!

Help your favorite domainer score!

Can you score when it counts?

A little over a month from now, World Cup Soccer 2014 will open its gates in Brazil.

The biggest sport on earth will be celebrated by its billions of fans, hopefully with more samba and fewer vuvuzelas.

But think for a second: Domain politics resembles that of soccer, and we have 10 reasons to show why domain investing is just like the World Cup. 😀

  1. There are several tiers of domainers: amateurs, part-timers, flippers, swappers – and then there’s the league of pros.
  2. When a domainer scores a deal, his entire family celebrates. SOOOOOOOOOOLD!
  3. Lots of dribbling is involved in a negotiation, in order to score; and some times it doesn’t happen, as it bounces off the post.
  4. Sometimes there’s kicking and shoving among domain players but after the match we all share an energy drink at the same domain conference.
  5. Opinions among domainers run high and team fans are very passionate about their colors – to the bitter end of their team.
  6. Much fewer women play the sport actively but they appreciate when the ‘boys’ show off their game at domain conferences.
  7. Team USA usually wins even if it doesn’t produce a great spectacle; European domainers strive to produce a better show.
  8. Domain auctions can last for 90 minutes with barely as much as a bathroom break in-between. Sometimes, you have to do it on the grass.
  9. There are so many teams around the world, almost as many as gTLDs.
  10. The decision made by the referee and the UDRP panelist, is usually final.

Which team are you supporting for World Cup Soccer 2014?

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One Response to “Domains: 10 reasons why Domain Investing is just like World Cup soccer!”
  1. John says:

    I had BrazilMundial.com for several years and I could not sell it
    Mundial is another world for World Cup Football (soccer)

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