Second bite at the cherry : UDRP denied – again!

When your UDRP fails, try, try again. We covered the UDRP for two months ago, and despite a lack of response by the Respondent, it was denied. It seems that the same Complainant, Hassan Shams, filed a second one – again, at the National Arbitration Forum – once again seeking to have the domain […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain registered in 2000 got hit with UDRP

Another one for the proverbial UDRP books. The domain name was hit with a UDRP, after the Complainant, Hassan Shams, alleged that the 16 year old domain infringes on their mark. Indeed, the Complainant filed for a trademark for SOCCER MALL in 2014, and it received registration status on June 28, 2016. That’s more […]

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World Cup soccer 2014: Get the 101Domain discount and a free fold-out schedule!

It’s soccer fever time once again; the biggest celebration of the most popular sport on earth is about to begin in Brazil. World Cup soccer (football) 2014 will generate lots of excitement among domainers as well, between June 12th and July 13th. Domain registrar, 101Domain, knows that all too well, and they are giving away […]

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Domains: 10 reasons why Domain Investing is just like World Cup soccer!

A little over a month from now, World Cup Soccer 2014 will open its gates in Brazil. The biggest sport on earth will be celebrated by its billions of fans, hopefully with more samba and fewer vuvuzelas. But think for a second: Domain politics resembles that of soccer, and we have 10 reasons to show […]

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Francois: The cheeky Brits deserved to lose!

Francois of is passionate about soccer – or football, as most of the civilized world calls it. Today’s game between England and France for the Euro 2012 ended with both teams being tied with one goal. According to Francois, the French team deserved better: “So I see the ball pass in English quarters, like […]

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