Nor’easter in Boston: Igloo offices to close early today

Tessa Holcomb, Igloo Chief Eskimo Officer.

Tessa Holcomb, Igloo Chief Eskimo Officer.

Igloo, the domain brokering company closed its Boston offices early today, as a hefty Nor’easter threatened the area.

Despite being formed in New Zealand, the US offices don’t get to enjoy much of the beautiful landscapes of Kiwi-land; the latter, is reserved for co-founder, Gregg G. McNair.

“It’s safety first; with all this snow we’ll be making sure our domain brokering services remain open, so we’ll be shoveling snow overnight,” said Tessa Holcomb, co-founder of Igloo, smiling.

“We’re closing early but we’ll be working behind the scenes so that our VIP clients receive updates and first class service,” added Holcomb, donning an Eskimo coat.

Quality domain names are often brokered by Igloo, that has acquired a name for being a trustworthy domain broker for Fortune 500 clients.

If you reach out to Tessa Holcomb do not mention snow in any way, shape of form, or you might get hit by a snowball in the face.

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