PayPal clears announced that PayPal has re-instated the domain registrar’s use of their services.

The use of PayPal as a payment option had been suspended without explanation last week. Earlier today, made the following announcement:

As of 10:30 AM CDT on August 22, PayPal has re-enabled our ability to accept payments via PayPal.

We learned this morning that our account was disabled last week due only to a domain name that had no association with Sav. We provided this explanation to PayPal and they promptly re-enabled our access.

Most importantly, we just wanted to give our huge thanks to the domain community and our many users for taking the time to reach out to PayPal on social media to promptly bring this matter to their attention!

This is great news for domain investors and end-users using the popular domain registrar to register domain names, or to participate in domain auctions.

Sav performed important updates to their back-end infrastructure yesterday, to allow for “lightning fast changes,” especially for large, bulk customers.

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