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Rick Schwartz : A domain middle man is not a broker


The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz raised an interesting point about who is fit to sell his premium domains, and active brokering is not what he’s after.

Responding to a tweet about commissions on a potential brokerage sale, the Domain King responded:

“No. A middle man isnt out there selling. He has CONNECTIONS!! He puts worlds together. He does not sell.”

In other words, Rick Schwartz is looking for competent negotiators that know the market and have solid connections to end-user buyers. Very few brokerage houses can claim this, as opposed to just taking a domain to an endless round of horse-parading for potential buyers.

Having not understood Rick’s position on the subject, the other party asked what if they bring on buyers.

Rick responded thus:

“Not semantics & sorry u don’t understand the difference. I DON’T want to actively sell my domains or I would have them all listed w/brokers.”

Parading a domain around the block for buyers is the least effective method, particularly with premium domains. The best and biggest deals close when domains are in fact not presented to the general public, domainers included, as being available.

On the other hand, if you are a person with many connections to Fortune 500 companies, give Rick a buzz.

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