Rick Schwartz got #Boopy .com domain after #GoDaddy failed to deliver

Rick Schwartz.

Can’t stop Rick Schwartz, when he wants a domain name, he gets it.

The Domain King lambasted GoDaddy’s domain auction policy on Twitter, a few weeks ago.

Within 48 hours, GoDaddy announced it is changing its domain auction policy, stating that it was planned all along.

Today, Rick Schwartz tweeted that he acquired the domain that he was bidding on at the GoDaddy auction that disappeared.

The #Domain that I was bidding on at the Godaddy auction that went bye bye before they changed their listing policy, is now on my side of the ledger. Bought directly from owner yesterday in a very smooth transaction. Boopy(.)com #Domains #Startups #Branding #marketing #sales

What is boopy anyhow?

According to the Urban Dictionary, boopy is a word of endearment indicating something very cute or baby-like.

There is no indication about how much did Rick pay for Boopy.com, or what he plans to do with it; we’ll have to wait and see.

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5 Responses to “Rick Schwartz got #Boopy .com domain after #GoDaddy failed to deliver”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    let’s see him step up his game and get schmoopy. you’re schmoopy. no, i’m not schmoopy… you’re schmoopy.

  2. Tony says:

    Sells property.com. Buys boopy.com. Here’s to replenishing the portfolio.

  3. Eric Lyon says:

    It’s an interesting investment choice, that’s for sure.

  4. Nivens McTwisp says:

    Does that mean it’s safe to assume the [November 17th, 2017] $1,525 sale of Boopy.com via GoDaddy didn’t complete?

    source: https://namebio.com/?s==kjMxkDN1UTM

    Do you think the seller knew Boopy.com had sold for $1,525 via GoDaddy? If he/she did, would that effect their asking price? Essentially, this was a “free appraisal for the seller. This free appraisal has an unfortunate trickle effect within the domain industry. In that, this free appraisal is now listed as a reported sale, which could erroneously effect investment strategies, or give a sales edge by associating the domain with a reported sale. I wonder how many reported godaddy sales were actually “free appraisals , and what percent of those free appraisals were intentional?

    Do you think the domain king paid more or less than $1,525? If he paid less, than it would appear GoDaddy’s “clawback” saved him money, and in turn taken money out of GoDaddy’s pockets and into the pockets of the domain owner who delivered a smooth transaction to RS?

    FWIW, Boopie.com has been regged since 2001. One wonders if that domain is also on the “to acquire” list as…

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