The Domain King’s latest #domain registrations

Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz is gearing up for the Asheville event in August; the Domain King is hosting 50+ select domain investors for a domainer meetup in the Appalachians.

In the meantime, Rick continues to register domain names “by hand,” to show to the domain investor community how easy it is to make money without spending much to begin with.

We came across the following domain registrations by Rick Schwartz in March:

One of the Domain King’s droppings, Complaints.Support, was picked up by a new registrant. Rick had registered it as a new gTLD in 2014, but dropped it eventually.

We don’t know about Rick’s plans for these new domain registrations; in his own words, he’s not just an investor, he’s also a domain collector.

Very recently, Rick Schwartz shared the amounts of money he paid for some premium, mostly adult domain names.

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One Response to “The Domain King’s latest #domain registrations”
  1. BullS says:

    In the final episode of the Game of Domain Thrones..

    My Q is what going to happen to his domains when the domain king is being “poisoned” ,”executed” murdered or something….like any reigning King.. As we all know, nobody lasts forever.

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