The Frank Schilling – Chef Patrick connection

Chef Patrick and Frank Schilling - their projects combined!

The domain industry is so small still, that a game of “Six degrees of Frank Schilling” would be pointless: everyone is usually no more one or two hops away from Frankie.

Several domainers that have met Frank Schilling are thus one degree of “separation” away, regardless of a business relationship to this uber-domainer.

Sometimes, however, there seems to be a secret bond between domainers, a business alliance if you must that goes by fairly unnoticed.

Until we uncover it, that is. 😀

These days, Chef Patrick is busy churning out content for his latest endeavor, – a digital magazine that  aspires to become the “TechCrunch of Science Fiction” – not to mention, pay off its alleged $175k price tag.

So why the Frank Schilling reference?

Frank and the Chefster have obviously met in person, as this picture below reveals – with Mike Berkens of TheDomains fame being on the right. The photo is from DomainFest 2010 and there is an assorted video as well.

Frank Schilling and Chef Patrick - zero degrees of separation! Mike Berkens on the right. Chef Patrick sports the DomainGang sponsored t-shirt.

It’s a little known fact, however, that Frank Schilling owns

A few questions naturally arise:

  • Will Chef Patrick’s next venture be to convince Frank Schilling get rid of that ugly parked page at and co-operate, turning it into a real business?
  • Will Chef Patrick ask Frank Schilling to sell him so that becomes shorter?
  • Will Frank Schilling ask Chef Patrick to discuss the matter in person, at DomainFest Santa Monica two days from now?

We’re not sure which one will materialize first, but regardless, it’s a great celestial coincidence that two domainer personalities of (almost) the same magnitude own similar domains of (almost) the same caliber.

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