The word “Home” plus your gTLD is not a sane branding strategy


Jennifer Wolfe – Dot Brand 360.

Many holders of closed gTLDs – those reserved for corporate use – don’t seem to be aware of the potential presented by their digital asset investment.

At a cost of $185,000 dollars for the ICANN application alone, such gTLDs present a unique opportunity to create numerous meaningful domain combinations and to deliver keyword-driven content, to a targeted audience.

And yet, we are seeing an absurd trend of tagging the top level domain “Home” in front of the gTLD, and creating a rudimentary web site placeholder, that more often serves as a redirect to a .com.

That approach is exemplified in the domains Home.Barclays, Home.Cern, Home.Travelers and Home.Redumbrella.

A new article by brand specialists, Dot Brand 360, describes the best approach to maxing out the potential those gTLDs present to their brand holders.

“The old school structure of a web site no longer applies.  It’s a digital world which consists of many components.  So you have to think about it and build a plan with a clear methodology.  We call this approach, Digital Mapping®.”

Click here to read the article by Jennifer Wolfe of Dot Brand 360.

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4 Responses to “The word “Home” plus your gTLD is not a sane branding strategy”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    I have HOME.SERVICES and it receives the most inquiries and offers out of all my New G’s…Jennifer seems to not understand that each New G extension is unique and can’t be lumped with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Aaron – It’s clear from the article that Jennifer is referencing closed gTLDs 😉 Home.Services is great BTW.

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    DG – I understand it was a reference to closed GTLD’S. Although. I would rather “HOMEphobia” not spread to open GTLD’s for obvious reasons..:)

  4. This trend only shows that new gTLDs have a long way to go before companies learn how to use them properly (i.e. creating different domains for each server or user segment).

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