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Digital in the Boardroom : Jen Wolfe’s latest book on digital branding

Jennifer Wolfe, CEO of Dot Brand 360 and author of books on branding strategies, has unveiled her latest book, “Digital in the Boardroom.” The latest chapter in digital branding, assists senior executives of corporations with the task of breaking down the barriers holding their companies back. Those “C-suites” will benefit from reading Jennifer Wolfe’s 3rd […]

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The word “Home” plus your gTLD is not a sane branding strategy

Many holders of closed gTLDs – those reserved for corporate use – don’t seem to be aware of the potential presented by their digital asset investment. At a cost of $185,000 dollars for the ICANN application alone, such gTLDs present a unique opportunity to create numerous meaningful domain combinations and to deliver keyword-driven content, to […]

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