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Uniregistry app : Frank Schilling shares first public photo of the Android version!

The Uniregistry app was unveiled during NamesCon by Frank Schilling; the event generated a lot of excitement, and the release of the app for iOS devices satisfied roughly 50% of the mobile device market.

For those of us with Android devices there is still hope, as Frank Schilling shared today for the first time, an image depicting the Android version. 😀

There is no doubt the Uniregistry app is awesome, and the lucky Apple / iOS users have been utilizing it non-stop, to register domains, update domains, or transfer domain names to Uniregistry.

Frank Schilling said that the Android version is being actively worked on, and we have proof of that in the picture below. Nice account balance too!

We can’t wait! 😀

Uniregistry app for Android: It's coming, says Frank Schilling.

Uniregistry app for Android: It’s coming, says Frank Schilling.

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