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Web hosting woes: HostGator apologizes for downtime but why is the .com for sale?

HostGator is listed for sale on BuyDomains.

HostGator is listed for sale on BuyDomains.

HostGator, a well-established web hosting provider, faced an extreme downtime yesterday, that lasted several hours.

Angry customers, irritated by the prolonged outage that was caused by a seemingly routine maintenance at the HostGator datacenter, demanded that they get compensated for the downtime.

Said Sam R.:

“This is not an isolated incident, hostgator provo datacenter has been down for at least 6 hours 3 times in last 30 days, including todays latest meltdown of 12 hours+ “

Meanwhile, Terry F. exclaimed:

” For the record, I was not adversely affected by the downtime, so I’m not looking for reimbursement. However, I *am* interested to see how Hostgator responds to this question, given the prior post and your corporate response.”

Another HostGator customer, Stacee E., used to be happy about the web hosting services provided by HostGator, but not any more:

” I have used HostGator for over 7 years, I have all of my websites hosted here and I have referred MANY clients over the past 7 years (well over 100). In the last 4-6 months ALL of my website load times have slowed down considerabl and they continually blame my ISP (100Mbps) or something else, tech support always has a different excuse. I have given each agent significant proof that HostgGator servers are the issue. After research and reading these posts, it appears that my websites slowed down at the same time HostGator was bought out and moved to different servers. This PROVES to me that the service has declined and that HostGator is now a bad choice for web hosting.”

HostGator CEO, Adam Ferrar, rushed to apologize for the downtime, in a blog post announcement:

“I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for this occurrence, as well as the negative impact that it may have had on your websites and businesses.”

Meanwhile, it appears that the domain name HostGator.com is somehow entered for sale and available as of this time on BuyDomains. HostGator denied having listed the domain for sale, obviously.

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This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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