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Whoisology : We will honor WHOIS info removal requests


The average Joe or Joan don’t understand much about domain names and WHOIS information.

Whoisology is a meta-search engine and extensive database holder of WHOIS data, that often comes up in search engine results.

It’s crazy, but because of that many people think Whoisology is somehow sharing their private information, derived from the public WHOIS that domain registrars – and Registries – maintain.

For proof, just look at the long line of comments at OnlineDomain, in a post that simply covered Whoisology and their services.

There are pros and cons about such WHOIS info aggregators; the main concern many have is that WHOIS info might not be current. We are not familiar with how often Whoisology updates their database, but there is a way to opt out.

Called “Search Engine & Public Data Redaction“, this Whoisology page honors such requests that arrive for a particular domain. The request must arrive from the email address managing that particular domain.

Give it a try, if you’re still concerned about your WHOIS information showing up in Whoisology generated results.


Whoisology was present at NamesCon 2016.


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