: Five plus one questions with Jackson Elsegood, General Manager


Jackson Elsegood, on the right, during NamesCon 2016. launched a new domain holding service today, called Domain Concierge, and we reached out to Jackson Elsegood, general manager at

The Domain Name Concierge service is designed to securely hold the seller’s domain until full payment is received, and then transfer the domain to the buyer’s registrar account.

Domain Concierge thus adds an important layer of security during the exchange.

Here are “five plus one questions” with Jackson Elsegood:

DomainGang: Jackson, what is the overall feedback you received, regarding the new design?

Jackson Elsegood, We heard great responses – hundreds of respondents gave us five stars on our banner survey, and we’ve gathered some really great things to work on from people that found things that they didn’t like. People have really enjoyed being able to have the site on their phone, as well as being able to share it with Chinese customers in their native language.

DomainGang: How soon are you anticipating to open up access to the full-fledged, redesigned back-end system?

Jackson Elsegood, Redesigning core functionality is something we take very seriously. We’ve already been making improvements such as introducing the Domain Concierge service to hold domains during transactions, but will be taking any changes to the services that people know and love slow and steadily. Relentless, continuous improvement is the name of the game.

DomainGang: Manning support 24/7 is a massive feat. What are you planning to accomplish and how will it be done?

Jackson Elsegood, We are very proud of our support staff and they will always remain in-house. We currently have offices in California and in Sydney, and will be opening up even more throughout the year. Having support staff all over the world will allow us to offer 24 hour support as well as more on the phone language options.

DomainGang: What are the company’s goals about the booming domain market in China, and emerging markets such as India?

Jackson Elsegood, That’s a great question. We’re really excited to help our customers to expand their businesses into these markets and the ways that I think we can do that is by providing our site and and our support in those languages, and by providing local currency and settlement options. Both of these are big projects, but I’m committed to making them happen.

DomainGang: Trust vs. cost vs. efficiency – How does balance all three elements?

Jackson Elsegood, Trust first, always. This is at the heart of our business and all of our work.
Cost and efficiency come in side by side. We deliver excellent value for money by having an efficient service and it’s not easy to have one without the other. We are fortunate to have amazing, experienced staff that make that possible.

DomainGang: What was your personal experience from NamesCon 2016? What was the company’s benefits from attending the domain conference? What other events do you plan to attend this year?

Jackson Elsegood, Having over one thousand of the world’s best Domainers in one room is an amazing and rare thing, and our industry is expanding so rapidly I’m not sure for how long that will still be possible. Apart from helping many of our customers at the conference do some great deals, we also had a chance to present a vision of in the future in Matt Barrie’s keynote, and of course enjoy Las Vegas with everyone else in the industry!

High on my radar this year are Domaining Europe, TRAFFIC and DOMAINfest Asia, so I will be trying to get to all of those.

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