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Ghost domain “sells” for $111,300 on Sedo’s GreatDomains!

It’s incredible: the domain name NumericPortfolio2.com is listed on the GreatDomains.com home page, under the “Recently Sold” section. Wow! Only problem is, the domain is currently unregistered. Not only that, but NumericPortfolio.com is also unregistered as well. Doh! Clearly a mistake by the Sedo outfit of GreatDomains 😀 Edit: Sedo confirmed that it’s an error, […]

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Oversee gearing up to unleash all database hell

In a recent announcement at DNForum, Oversee is getting ready to unleash all database hell, re-instating the full data history for auctions under one’s account, but they are concerned about server performance. Woohoo! Now, if only they did the obvious: Generate the history as files offline once, then link them to each account without the […]

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