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Confirmed: Banana.com moved to China, pending sale price currently under NDA

We have received confirmation from Michael Castello, that the lengthy, seedless, mostly yellow fruit known as banana has been tentatively sold in its .com incarnation. Following our article “Banana Disappeared!” that pondered on the current status of the domain name, Banana.com, Michael Castello commented thus: “The big banana is in Asia. haha Will have more […]

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Banana disappeared!

A San Francisco monkey, Banana Sam, has passed away at the ripe age of 19. Rest in peace, Sam. 🙁 In other news from the domain jungle: Banana.com does not appear to be in the hands of the Castello Brothers any more. When did that happen??? This amazing fruit, apparently changed hands in May this […]

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How BIG is your banana?

Every domain property has a value these days; despite the numerous automated evaluation services, there is little agreement on how domainers evaluate domain names – especially generics. Take for example the domain name Banana.com – owned by the Castello Brothers. Banana is a nutritious fruit, liked by many people around the world. In the tropics, […]

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