You know the drill: URL shortener gets hacked, time to change passwords

These days, security glitches and flaws, such as the Heartbleed bug, can affect thousands of web sites and user accounts. Sometimes, the issue isn’t widespread due to the particular use of a compromised service, but due to the bad practice of sharing the same password across several services and apps. The bottom line: don’t do […]

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Will Obama bomb down ?

The latest round of bombing in Libya has been targeting the headquarters of Gaddafi – the Libyan dictator who has been controlling this African nation for the past 42 years. While the coalition of US, French, British and Spanish forces have been aiming military strategic compounds, there is also the Internet, controlled by the Libyan […]

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Ultra-popular URL shortener, is proud of not reusing its URL codes – those alphanumeric combinations after the domain. The reason is simple: unlike other URL shorteners that use 3 or 4 digits that eventually expire in order to be reused, uses six slots that never expire. Let’s do some math. There are 26 […]

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