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Missing in action: Banana.com by the Castello Brothers

What is going on with the top tier domain name Banana.com ? We checked several days and weeks ago, and it seems this ultra (yellow) premium is somehow losing its freshness and curvature! As we speak, Banana.com is down. Which would make it a limp banana. Owned by the Castello Brothers, Banana.com was in the […]

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Bruce Marler gets drunk: The successful pitch of premium domain Grape.com

Welcome back to DomainGang, Bruce! It’s been a while – since the Missouri.me days. So you’ve been rolling out Grape.com, a property of the Castello brothers. What’s the business plan? Bruce Marler: The sales plan for the site is based on traveling to all of the thousands of wineries throughout the US, I have determined […]

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Italian fishermen angry over sale of Stromboli at DomainFest

A group of fishermen from Stromboli, a small island off the coast of Sicily are proclaiming they were cheated out of their heritage. Stromboli.com was sold yesterday at DomainFest for the ungodly low sum of $2,250. The fishermen, descendants of Greek settlers from the ancient times when Sicily and Southern Italy was collectively known as […]

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It’s Only Domain’Roll But I Like it!

Ever wondered what would it be like if a group of famous domainers got together as a band in the 80’s? No, I’m not talking about the Castello Brothers and their famous hair band, ‘Seven‘. Vote for your favorite domain rocker depicted in the exclusive image below and keep on rocking the domain world!

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