Septik 2.0: CEO publishes ebook on how to run a successful company

Septik CEO, Ryan Douche, has been leading the restructuring of the company from a failed, cash-strapped corporation, to a profitable new entity. In just a few months, Septik 2.0 has become an example of a modern, reliable company with $120 billion dollars in the bank accounts. Employees are raving and customer reports are stellar. Gone […]

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“OK domainer!” expression catching up with #startup CEOs

“OK domainer” is a phrase catching up with founders and CEOs of Silicon Valley startups, when they want to indicate their displeasure with having to buy their dream domain in the aftermarket. Millennial prodigies based at their dad’s garage, often believe that they are entitled to whichever domain they came up with, even if it […]

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#DomainTools CEO, Timothy Chen, on a decade at the company’s helm

It’s official: Timothy Chen has been the CEO of DomainTools for a full decade – that’s 10 years! During his tenure, the company grew from a 15 person WHOIS data membership company to a SaaS security company with 600 enterprise customers and over 100 employees. Not only that; there is zero outside funding, and the […]

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A decade ago, the chief executive officer of a company I worked for was openly referring to himself as “the #1 arsehole” – being a Kiwi gave him a distinct accent, further justifying his self-chosen title. While not all CEOs are a*holes, there’s a certain amount of douchebaggery associated with the CEO title, particularly if […]

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