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#DomainTools CEO, Timothy Chen, on a decade at the company’s helm

It’s official: Timothy Chen has been the CEO of DomainTools for a full decade – that’s 10 years! During his tenure, the company grew from a 15 person WHOIS data membership company to a SaaS security company with 600 enterprise customers and over 100 employees. Not only that; there is zero outside funding, and the […]

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Name.com dot .CEO video: Douchebaggery or corporate class?

A decade ago, the chief executive officer of a company I worked for was openly referring to himself as “the #1 arsehole” – being a Kiwi gave him a distinct accent, further justifying his self-chosen title. While not all CEOs are a*holes, there’s a certain amount of douchebaggery associated with the CEO title, particularly if […]

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