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#Sedo #domain sales for the week of Feb 24, 2020 topped by BettingTips.com at $150000

Sedo weekly: Top sale is that of BettingTips.com at $150,000 USD. Welcome to the latest edition of reporting on the Sedo domain sales; this time we cover the week ending on February 24, 2020. This information has been provided by Sedo.com, sponsors of DomainGang. As a side note, Sedo has rolled out its separate Expiring […]

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Chinese domain market report : Elequa’s big Chip sale

As China is approaching the one year anniversary of a dreadful stock market crash, business is as usual at the world’s 2nd largest economy. With $5 trillion dollars in losses during the crash, many Chinese turned to alternate investments, such as bitcoin and even domain names. Seeing how the domain market rises and falls along […]

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Single letter non .com domain sells for mid five figures

These days, it’s impossible to keep track of every single sale; some transactions are kept under the blanket of NDA or simply slip through the cracks. In February, the domain name k.to was reportedly sold for $40,000 – and now it’s the turn of yet another single letter ccTLD domain from Tonga that sells for […]

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