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Domainer Cruise : Riding on the Chef Patrick ‘DNCruise’ coat-tails ?

Chef Patrick might have retired from active domaining and onto new ventures in real estate, but his positive legacy lives on. Everyone should recall the well-received DNCruise voyages in 2010 and 2011, that took many domainers on a trip to the Gulf and delivered domain education and entertainment. Patrick Ruddell’s decision to change his primary […]

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Captain Chef Patrick promises Gay Times for Domainers!

Remember “The Love Boat“? In that 1970’s television show a group of rich, beautiful travelers are taken on a cruise, with Captain Stubbin and his trademark smile adorning every humorous episode. Romance, piña coladas and bad hairstyles – that was the 70’s. You weren’t born in the 70’s? I must have dated myself then. So […]

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