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Domainer Poll : Get a short .Store or a long .Com domain for your business ?

The large number of available gTLDs can make it easy for a business to obtain a desired keyword, even if it’s not available as a .com domain. Many end-users eager to roll out a project on a gTLD often cringe at the idea, but it’s often the most economical. When the .com can cost thousands […]

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Domain trademarks : It’s not always about the .COM

While researching domain-related trademarks, one has to keep in mind a very simple fact: the word “domain” has other meanings as well. Indeed, the primary definition of the word “domain” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: the land that a ruler or a government controls an area of knowledge or activity In other words, […]

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Ditch that .COM for good : Four reasons, by Raymond King

Raymond ‘Ray’ King, CEO of Top Level Design, LLC, has put together an interesting article on Entrepreneur.com. Citing how start-up founders begin their quest to find the perfect dot .com, only to find out these domains are ‘held ransom’, King explores the alternatives offered today. Entrepreneurs today are in a position of taking advantage some […]

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Dot .com was a really bad idea, says ICANN official

With 909 new gTLDs getting the passing grade so far, ICANN is once again evaluating its support of the original TLDs. “We need to go through the documentation and examine how .com made the cut in 1985, it’s shocking really,” says Milosh Fritcz of ICANN-Hungary. “Dot .com was from the very beginning a very, very […]

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